Intro to OctaSpace


Octa.Space project is a cloud platform for distributed computing, storing and serving data, providing VPN access and so on, also it’s provides the transparent and easy to use mechanismes and interfaces to solve heavy tasks by utilizing CPU and GPU resources of the nodes connected around the world.
Anyone is able to become a host by renting out their hardware to provide CPU/GPU or traffic.


Own layer 1 blockchain network (PoW) is used for the financial operations using OCTA cryptocurrency.
To reduce operational costs, decrease commissions and increase the speed of transactions the dedicated layer 2 network is used.
The interaction of the core and blockchain networks is implemented through gateways that provide APIs for both networks.
The core of the system is responsible for the control and monitoring of resources, implementation of the application layer, billing and providing an interface for creating various services.
To work with the system, a WEB interface for users and an HTTP REST API for automation or integration with third party systems are implemented.
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