VPN access is implemented using the following technologies:
  • wireguard
  • shadowsocks with v2ray plugin
  • openvpn
Key benefits of OCTA VPN:
  • It’s easy to setup using non modified and opensource software available for many platforms
  • You able choose the VPN technology you want to use
  • No limits for amount of devices connected simultaneously
  • You paid as you go, just billed per GB


Before you start, you need to install appropriate software on your phone or PC.
In order to create a connection, select the required access point in the Services->VPN menu, choose VPN Type and press the Create button.
After some time (10-20 sec) in Dashboard->Service sessions select your session and click on the UUID column to get connection information.
Depends of the VPN type you use the configuration will be present in the several views like text config or QR code.
Service don’t any logging of the user traffic or DNS requests

Android clients

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Android clients